Welcome to the Battle for the Throne of Swords

The icy army is on its way and is haunting the seven realms. After the lost battle at the ice ridge and grave losses for the living the struggle continues. In addition, devious games and devilish plots are in the way of victory. This is why we turn to you, noble knight. Support the united forces of the living in their fight for survival and with a little luck you can make yourself quite a name in the realm.

Bahigo introduces the leaderboards: Every week starting from the 8th April until the 19th May, you can win massive prices and be part of the main leaderboard to win 7.000CHF With a bet of only 1 CHF you take part and have a chance at winning one of our prizes of up to 58.500 CHF.



The first 200 winners receive a prize each week. The treasurer of the kingdom showers you with large amounts.

After the series ends and all leaderboards are finished Bahigo crowns the King on the Throne of Swords and offers you a present to secure your legacy.

Weekly Awards

How it works

Hu Shun Xiao
Click the “Join Now” button on Bahigo Challenge page to participate in all weekly and the overall Leaderboards.
Rob Auguste
Simply generate points by placing bets
Antonio Kirill
More points you collect higher you will rank in the Leaderboard
Antonio Kirill
For 6 weeks you can win prices every week and your automatically joining the overall Leaderboard that will add all points from all 6 weeks